Silestone® is stone, only made better. Natural stone and Silestone® are composed of quartz and silica. Quartz is one of the hardest naturally occurring elements found on the earth and Silestone® is 93% quartz, which is much higher than some, if not all, natural stones. These elements are bonded together with resins and colorfast pigments to assure consistency in coloring with the added features of stain resistance, heat resistance and significantly less susceptibility to cracking.
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SenSa Granite offers an array of colors to match any decor or project. Every SenSa Granite slab has SenGuard technology applied in Cosentino’s modern fabrication facilities. This SenGuard protection allows Cosentino to offer an industry leading 15-year warranty against staining. It ensures that the natural beauty of your SenSa Granite countertop will remain intact for years to come.